1134 Bank St. Ottawa

March 6th to end of month

LACELLE and EVANCHUCK have collaborated to produce a rather Marvelous Realism using Evanchuck's photographic images of Blueberry shacks on the #7 and Lacelle's artistry to add the marvelous to those realistic images and of course the dolls - abandoned Dolls from the maritimes to Ottawa, dolls found in old abandoned homes in the Maritimes, on junk piles in Toronto and Hamilton, in Variety Village at Niagara Falls, at the Bargain Box on Laurier and dozens of other accidental finds of abandoned dolls.

Images were shot during recent ice storm - one has to wait to 'get the right image the will display the atmosphere the 'feel' - the ice storm produced the perfect feel of emptiness, loneliness, the harshness of life surrounding the inhabitants.

The show draws in the viewer to help them 'feel' the strangeness of the area - of course the viewer may form their personal thoughts on the combination of creative techniques used to add an odd and unmistakable 'feel' to this presentation - don't expect the ordinary from creative people and certainly not from Lacelle&Evanchuck

The #7 highway from Perth to Madoc is ancient in many ways .... untouched for decades with modernity, an olden days display of abandoned properties, junked vehicles and a sense of loss... that sense one feels as they drive the two lane blacktop road trippin' thru Ontario's hinterland looking at the way things used to be and still are.

There are no condos here, no hipsters just the stillness of that past that lingers into the present ....

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