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Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle's 'MARVELOUS REALISM' artwork goes to the TATE EXCH

The Venice Vending Machine project is a “collaborative, participatory, inclusive live art public installation”, conceived by Venetian artist Marina Moreno. Its aim is to question the role and the value of Art in our society, whilst aiming to promote emerging artists alongside some famous and established ones. It creates an intriguing game for the participants who feel compelled to enjoin and involve themselves in a dialogue that the artist Marina creates in posing the question: “HOW DO YOU VALUE ART?” Since the first Venice Vending Machine installation, it has involved over 400 artists from all over the world and has attracted professionals such as curators, art historians and art collectors while extending the possibility of an encounter with people that normally would not be interested in “Art”. Unlike past VVM events, and in keeping with the spirit of this Tate Exchange Liverpool the acquisition of a work of art will depend uniquely on a dialogue about the notion of art in our society and culture with no monetary exchange, focusing only on the intrinsic value of art.

Peter Evanchuck & Helene Lacelle 'MARVELOUS REALISM' artwork goes to the TATE EXCHANGE LIVERPOOLE

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